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My name is Marco, and I am an Italian lawyer.

I graduated from Bologna University in 2009 (laurea magistrale in giurisprudenza), with a thesis in Philosophy of Law, and in 2016 from Harvard Law School (master in law). Since 2013, I am a member of the Bologna Bar and the Italian register of mediators (expert for international disputes).


During the first part of my career, I worked as an entertainment and copyright lawyer for stadium artists, booking agencies, labels, media companies, and various players of the entertainment business. In the second part, I decided to shape the legal services of the future.


After several years as head of innovation of a leading Italian firm, LCA, I founded Better Ipsum, a consultancy focused on legal design, legal innovation, and legal wellbeing. 


During my career, I received several awards, including a Fulbright scholarship. I participated in the European Young Lawyers Programme in Scotland and received an honorary mention from Federmanager Italia due to the brilliant curriculum of studies. 


My languages are Italian, English, Spanish, and French. I am trying to learn Chinese (mandarin), with bad results.

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