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  • "Legal Design. Come il design può semplificare il diritto" (Giuffré Francis Lefebvre, 2021) - ISBN 9788828827740 (with Barbara de Muro)

Book Chapters

  • "Legal Design. Oltre il Clamore" in Italian Legal Tech Report 2022 - Giuffré Francis Lefebvre

  • "Legal Tech. Un bicchiere mezzo pieno" in Italian Legal Tech Report 2021 - Giuffré Francis Lefebvre ISBN. 978882883763

  • "Business Models Supporting the Transition”. In Pettinaroli A. (ed) Transformative Economies, From the Circular Economy to the Green New Deal, Feltrinelli Camp 2020 – ISBN: 978-88-6835-410-7. (with N.Cavalli, A. Einen, A. Moustafa, A. Orban, A, B. Re., G. Salvatori, R. Rao, R. Vidal Marchi)

Selected Articles 

  • Benefit Corporations and B Corps”, on Legal and Business World, n. 2/2023

  • "The Italian mediation reform", on (with Sergio Fontana)

  • Hacking the Flow. Finding focus, happiness, and purpose in the legal world”, on Legal and Business World, n. 1/2023

  • "Team, Budget, Impact. 3 challenges for Legal Design Professionals" on Legal technologist, Jan/Feb 2023"

  • "Principles of Legal Design" on Modern Lawyer, 10/2022 

  • Mental wellness. The unknown priority for law firms and legal professionals”, on Legal and Business World, n. 10/2022

  • Mindfulness. A new horizon for Legal Professionals”, on Legal and Business World, n. 7/2022

  • “Come nasce una policy ESG. L’esperienza di LCA” on ESG Magazine, n. 4, 2022   

  • From Innovation to Innovability” on Lawyer Monthly, July 2022

  • "Intelligenza Artificiale e Avvocatura. Un binomio possibile?" on AvvocatixMilano, 2022

  • "Three new drivers for the legal profession" in Legal and Business World, 4/2022

  • "Legal Design. The new challenge for legal professionals" in Legal and Business World, 3/2022  

  • "The Future of The Legal Profession, two different perspectives" in UIA Juriste 1/2022 (with Matteo Dragoni)

  • "Legal Tech in Italy. Scenario, Perspective, Horizons" in "Legal Tech Verzeichnis" 1/2022 

  • "Società Benefit e B Corp tra novità normative e agenda ONU 2023” in Ipsoa, Bilancio e Revisione, 1/2021 (with Patrizia Tettamanzi and Niccolò Comerio)

  • "Between cybersecurity and arbitration in times of Coronavirus. Warnings, suggestions and new frontiers" in Mondaq legal magazine, 5/2020 (with Gian Paolo Coppola)

  • "Legal Design. A new way of delivering legal services", in UIA Juriste 4/2020

  • The evolution of trust” in 4cLegal White Paper about the Digital Marketplace

  • Mediation before the mediation. The important role of a pre-mediation session” on (with Myer Sankary)

  • “Equity crowdfunding, stato dell’arte e possibili scenari” on 4cLegal website 

  • Regulatory Sandox, un nuovo approccio normativo?” on 4cLegal website 

Works for LCA
(including collaborations and joint efforts)

  • LCA social report (ITA/EN), 2022 

  • "Law and Sustainability Guide (2023)  

  • "Law and Sustainability" Guide, first edition (2021)

  • "When to negotiate, when to litigate, when to mediate" Guide (with Gian Paolo Coppola)

  • Several alerts (legal design, benefit and b corps, three on mediation, bitcoin, esports, litigation funding)


  • "Adopting a legal design framework for artificial intelligence regulation" in the volume "Digital Single Market and Artificial Intelligence published by Aracne Ed. in collaboration with Hoffmann - Eitle

  • "Burnout. Our most feared enemy" in Legal and Business World, 4/2023

  • "Neurodiversity. A way to leverage your legal business", in Legal and Business World, 5/2023 

  • "Purpose and the legal world" for Legal and Business World, 6/2023 

  • "Mental wellbeing in the legal profession. The hidden emergency you did not know about", for Modern lawyer, July 2023

  • "A mindful mediation" (part 1 and 2) for

  • Second Social report, LCA 

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