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Legal Design is - put simply - the future of legal profession. A profession that is diverse, inclusive, not hyerarcical, but also feedback and prototype-driven. A profession that works co-creating with clients and delivering products, more than services. A profession that puts the human at the center.

Legal design is the application of the design thinking process to the legal world. Basically, it means creating legal documents, acts, and policies, adopting a customer-centric perspective. I wrote a book about it (together with Barbara de Muro), spoke at the most important national events (including the Legal Design Summit in Finland and the World Legal and Innovation Summit in Berlin), lectured at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and held workshops and sessions for Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, and relevant institutions. 


How about working towards conflict solution in a fresh and dynamic way? How about improving our relationship with colleagues, counterparties, and ourselves with science-backed tools?

Since 2013, I am a mediator for civil and commercial disputes. In the last years, I mediated several banking and commercial disputes, with amounts up to several million euros. 


I have participated as expert assessor in the most important mediation competitions worldwide, including the ICC mediation competition in Paris, the CDRC mediation competition in Wien, and the Bhopal Mediation Competition in India.


I frequently lecture and hold workshops regarding mediation and negotiation. Topics include intercultural negotiation, negotiation skills, active listening, principles of persuasion, mindful negotiation, hard negotiations, design thinking and mediation/negotiation. 


I publish quite frequently about the subject, and I also wrote, together with LCA partner Gian Paolo Coppola, a guide about the difference between mediation, negotiation, and litigation. Check it out!


In the last few years, I have been involved in more than 100 national and international keynotes, workshops, and lectures. 

Whether it is innovability, legal design, artificial intelligence or the future of law, I have been an active keynote and public speaker all over the world. I frequently say that actions are louder than words, so check out the video/speeches/posters part to know more about it.


Ps: In my lectures/speeches/classes I have a basic approach: if you get out of it energized I’ve done well my job.

I believe in innovability. Firstly, because the alchemy of innovation and sustainability is more than the sum of the parts. Secondly, because – while innovation sometimes lacks the human touch and sustainability the technological one – the mix is a perfect match. And lastly, because in the post-pandemic scenario we need paradigms to rely on, and innovability is one of the most interesting ones.

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